Not Your Average Swim Trunks: Here's Why We're Different

We made a commitment to be anything but average, plain and simple. Here's what sets our swim trunks apart.

FUNCTIONALITY | We spent months obsessing over every detail of our designs, sample after sample, making changes and improving the overall function of our swimwear. Slovenia has a longstanding history of exceptional textile production, and our manufacturer was chosen for their expertise in technical apparel. Specializing in bespoke cycling gear, they know exactly how to work with our fabrics and have a keen eye for detail. It’s no accident that our pockets are deep enough to hold your oversized phone, or that we excluded a zippered back pocket (those aren’t comfortable, and are rarely used in swim trunks). We sought out fast-drying fabrics, soft mesh lining, and an inseam length that’s easy to move in.

COMFORT | Swimwear should be comfortable — period. Over and over, we keep hearing that our swim trunks “are the new go-to when lounging at home, because they’re just so comfy”. Our fabrics are unlike any we’ve come across in the market - soft and smooth (and most are stretchy!), the cuts are carefully considered, and we made certain our lining would keep your boys happy -- priority number 1 in our books.

ETHICS | All our suits are handcrafted with care by a small team in Slovenia that we’ve gotten to know well. Employees are paid a fair, livable wage, work in a safe and enjoyable environment, and are cared for by their employer. This isn’t the case in most overseas manufacturing environments, where factory workers make as little as $1-2 per day, working 12+ hours in dangerous environments. These factories are the reason that fast fashion retailers can sell you clothing at $5 and still make money. We are staunchly against this practice, and believe we have a part to play in bringing social equity back to the fashion industry. Learn more about our manufacturing practices.

We’re not your average bather, and we’re proud of it. Explore our collection of swim trunks and briefs here.

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